The Man, The Myth, And More Pictures Than You Could Ever Imagine

When it comes to finding pictures of big breasts on the Web, everyone who ever asks, "Where are the best free resources?", usually finds that the answer comes back: Check out the Newsgroups.

While absorbing this reply, one would usually say thanks and walk away perplexed. And then fear would set in, and a sense of embarrassment. You have no idea what a "Newsgroup" is. Your mind begins to play tricks on you. That was Newsgroups wasn't it? Or was it Newsgroupies? My own track record is that I had a PC for more than a year before I even tried to see what they were about.

But, after counseling, therapeutic drugs, and a thoroughly inept lobotomy, I eventually and successfully entered the world of... newsgroups. God! A ton of spam and useless detritus seemed to be the main result of launching my email client in the direction of said groups. But then I refined my searching and found the big tit groups, or as they are commonly known: Paradise. Did I dare to leave such a subscription list on my computer? What if someone...?

Clearly I overcame my "fear and loathing" and became an "adept". The world of newsgroups provided a bottomless and endless pool of big breast imagery. Then I began to notice that chief among the contributors was one individual known as WipEout. Prolific, vast, and unbelievable are the various terms that could be applied to this gentleman's collection of tit pix. His files appeared to be bigger than an IKEA warehouse. He had more breasts on his computer than one could even contemplate. And he shared them...

So who is WipEout? I set out to discover the man behind the plethora of jpegs. Without further comments, my report follows:

JMM: Where do you find the pictures? What are your best sources?

My primary source of pictures is from the newsgroup I'm also a subscriber to a couple of the well-known pay sites which, of course, provide a constant source of new images. You can occasionally pick up some pictures from fan pages, but it's got to the point now that I usually have most of the images that they have! Naturally the BEA Users Gallery is a good place to pick up new stuff from, but it can also be very frustrating -- due to the speed the UG cycles through, and the limitation on postings, you can rarely pick up an entire series.

JMM: How extensive is your collection? What topics do you collect?

My collection, quite frankly, is dominated by that wonder of the species -- the Big Breasted Female! (Surely you could have guessed that). I've gotta admit that I'm partial to Score's ideal of "Slim & Stacked", and hence feel a strong pull towards the cosmetically enhanced models. You could consider this to be the ultimate expression of BE, actually undergoing an operation to physically alter yourself and expand your breasts! That doesn't mean I don't love the "nats" as well, though. I must confess to being a bit of a preggo fan, but there are very few sources of good, quality images on the net.

JMM: Describe who your favorite models are.

There's probably too many to mention, they're all my favorites, but...

SaRenna and Dusty (already sadly missed, along with all the other recent retirees) probably have the ultimate in enhanced bods -- SaRenna because she personifies big bust beauty, and Dusty really did have a very appealing chest before her reduction! After her latest operation, Casey (Jesse) James has gone a step into the sublime -- I really wish she would do more photo appearances. Dakota Kelly and Colt 45 are up there as well, but neither of them do enough photo shoots.

JMM: The Pantheon of Global Bosoms...who else?

IMHO, Linsey Dawn is by far the best natural out there - an absolutely incredible physique, and all home grown! Chloe has to get a mention in the nats category as well, but I preferred her early shots, before she toned up; she had that little chubby "puppy fat" and, of course, wondrously full breasts!

JMM: How long have you been collecting pictures?

Ever since I first installed a modem, connected to the net, opened up MS Internet News, downloaded the list of my ISP's newsgroups, and experimented with typing the immortal word "breasts" in the display groups bar! Imagine my surprise and delight when it came back with some groups!

In all seriousness, it's probably about three years now.

JMM: How many pictures or Megs does your collection entail?

My image collection currently takes up 3,061,255,092 bytes of disk space, or 2.85 Gig! That's in 38,023 files. Believe it or not, I still consider my collection to be in its infancy!

JMM: Tell us about your own personal archives.

They're in a bloody mess at the moment, which isn't surprising considering the number of images I've already got, and the number I seem to be downloading each week. To add to that, it seems as though I change how I store stuff every five minutes, and I never catch back up again! I really need to take a week off at some point, and think about how I'm going to organise this, and get it all done.

JMM: A week off? I won't hear of it...the newsgroups will collapse without a continued supply of WipEouts.

When I get about two hundred images of a particular model, I'll set up a directory on the hard drive of her, and separate it into directories for my scans, downloaded images, and others such as vidcaps. I currently have directories for the following models: Adele Stevens, Alexis Love, Alyssa Alps, Angelique, Autumn, Babette (formerly Betsy Boobs), Candy Cantaloupes, Carrie Lorrimer, Casey (Jesse) James, Chloe Vevrier, Colt 45 (Misty Mountains), Dakota Kelly, Danni Ashe, Deanna Duos, Dixie Bubbles, Busty Dusty, Kayla Kleevage, LA Bust, Letha Weapons, Linsey Dawn, Lisa Chest, Minka, Nikki Knockers, Pandora Peaks, SaRenna Lee, Tawny Peaks, Tiffany Towers, Traci Topps, Vannessa, Veronica Zemanova, Vicki Vann, Wendy Whoppers, Crystal Storm, Erica Everest, Jenny, Leah, Leanna Lovelace, Lili Xene, Montana Mounds, Penelope Pumpkins, and Summer Cummings. (Whew!!)

JMM: I am breathless from just hearing the names...

The SaRenna collection has spawned a bit out of control. After several trades, including one with the huge SaRenna fan and collector SLFan1, who is in contact with Cornfed, I've amassed over 3000 images!

JMM: Do you scan pictures yourself or just surf the net looking for them?

Personally I consider myself to be primarily a scanner, and then a collector. As you may have seen if you look on the groups, I do also like to give some back as well.

In my time as a scanner, I have attempted to build up a kind of brand image -- If you see a WipEout! scan then you can be guaranteed that it will be the best quality scan I can produce. When I post to the groups I will tend to highlight one of my scans over an image that I've just down-loaded by altering the subject title, like: Traci Topps >>> The WipEout! Scans <<<.

Here's a few of my favourite scans as an example of what to expect from WipEout!.

(click each pic for a MUCH larger view)

JMM: Are you popular? Do people contact you looking for pictures?

I occasionally get people sending me indexes for trading, or identifying a model. I've also seen some fan sites asking for my -- or others like me -- assistance with certain pictures.

Right now, though, I've predominantly limited myself to two good trading buddies, I think both of them have been going for nearly a year now! I did trade with more people, but the logistics behind carrying out four or five trades at once can get a little complex!

JMM: What is the situation regarding big tit magazines in the UK?

It's OK, but also a little frustrating. Score magazine is easily available via Score's UK distributors, "Double-D-Productions", (which the famous BB photographer John Graham works with) and is the mag that I get regularly. They did have a UK-specific mag called Tease available a few years back, but it only lasted for 7 issues. After that, Score mag was made a little more readily available.

There are very few actual UK big bust mags available; the only one worthy of mention is Big Ones International, but this is a bit dodgy. When I first saw it about five years ago it was a bit shabby, with only one or two appealing models in it per month. I started purchasing it again about two years back because they had a bit of a facelift, and injection of cash. They started posting more of the real big bust superstars; although these were older images, they were still good to add to the collection. Not only that, but Linsey Dawn was in it each month, which made it well worth it! Unfortunately its been on the downturn over the last few months, and they've lapsed into re-prints, which quite frankly is a rip-off when you purchase a new issue and you see you already have all the pictures!

JMM: Don't you just hate that?

Getting the US big bust mags can be a bit hit and miss as well. I've found a newsie not too far away from me that occasionally stocks the likes of Gent and Voluptuous. Someone in the TVX newsgroup tipped me off to a good magazine stockist in London that does most of the American mags, and occasionally I take a jaunt down there to stock up on new scanning material.

One thing is, I'll be buggered if I can find Hustler Busty Beauties anywhere in the UK. I'm beginning to believe that talk of this mag is just an elaborate hoax! I really do want to get my hands on an issue of this, just to see what it's like.

JMM: What archiving materials do you use?

At the moment, everything is merely stored on hard disk. This in itself is pretty expensive, seeing as I have an insistence on using Ultra 2 SCSI drives!

The storage media has been bugging me for some time now. I did consider CD-RW's, but I eventually decided against this, seeing as they are limited to only 630 Meg, and my collection is constantly changing. I eventually hit upon the idea of using removable disk drives, and went out and bought myself an internal SCSI SyQuest SyJet drive. This thing was fast, the disks were 1.5Gig each, and you could read and write to them just as though they were a normal hard drive; In all respects ideal. However, nearly the minute I bought it SyQuest went belly up, and I was unable to get more carts. DOH!

I've never had a hard drive failure, but my collection is now getting to the point where I'm thinking, "What if something did happen? I'd be buggered!" Especially in light of talk of such things as the Chernobyl Virus. I'm now waiting for DVD RAM's to become a bit more widespread, so I can take the occasional snapshot of my collection.

JMM: What kind of photo sorting software do you have on your PC?

Surprisingly little. Many scanners like touching their scans up with PhotoShop, but I think this can sometimes make the scan look a little too unnatural, and hence I don't even have PhotoShop on my PC. I like my scans untouched from the scanner, which is why I only use Paint Shop Pro 4. I don't even use PSP5; I think it's a bit bloated and slow. PSP 4 is nice and thin, and has everything I need.

Most of my image sorting is done through a handy thumbnail viewer called Firehand Ember. It performs similar functions to ThumbsPlus, and has most of the features, but I just think Ember looks a bit nicer, and is more intuitive to use.

JMM: How many PC's do you have, and what kinds?

Oh dear, you shouldn't got me started on that one!!! PC's were actually my primary passion. Collecting images was something I pretty much fell into after I got my first net connection.

After dropping out of my Computer course at University, which I attribute to not actually having a computer at the time, I got a PC through the temporary work I had at the time. The PC wasn't great, and I was slightly ripped off, but it was a start. After months of reconfiguring it, taking it to bits, and generally digging around, I decided to upgrade. The upgrade was a success, and now I'm on my sixth configuration of PC, currently settled on a PII 400, 128Meg RAM. (Always handy for manipulating large images from the scanner.) I can see my next upgrade will occur when RAMBUS appears on the market, I think a PIII 600+ with 256Meg of 600Mhz RAMBUS RAM will do VERY nicely!

JMM: A real screamer, eh? I can almost hear the 'whine' of all those fans cooling the box down...

My drive for ever-increasing PC speeds is largely due to my liking of PC games. Before my first upgrade, a number of my friends were gloating at the power of the recently released Playstation. I was, at that point, convinced that the leap from the original, lowly 486 to Pentium would match them. This didn't really come to fruition until about two Pentiums later, when I had a P200 MMX. I then put the first of the Voodoo cards in that, and the first time I played Quake 2 on it, blew my mind! After having gone through a Voodoo 2 as well, I'm now revelling in the delights of Voodoo 3 -- god, this thing's fast! (Although, I am really looking for 3dfx's next creation -- Ramage!).

BTW, rather uninspiringly (shit, I think I just invented a word) enough, my pseudonym actually comes from the PC/PS Psygnosis game WipEout 2097 (XL in the states). That's it! That's also why the big E. If you look at the groups you may see the posts from me either as,,,, or these are just the names of the ships from the WipEout game. Unfortunately, my PC has gained so much in power, and graphics abilities that the game is no longer playable; its just too fast!

JMM: How big is your monthly telephone bill?

It's currently coming out at about 40 -- 50 ($75 - $90) per month; add to that my 11 monthly ISP charge, and you can see that it's getting to be an expensive game. Although we Brits are blessed with the number of big-breasted natural models appearing, we really are getting shafted in many monetary matters. I've said it a number of times before, but this is one of the reasons why I haven't been able to contribute to the groups, and to the BEA of course, as much as I'd like -- it gets so bloody expensive!

There are a number of Internet connection innovations that are gradually being experimented with that will aid high-volume users. Of course, many of you will be familiar with cable modems, and these are very slowly trickling into use in the UK. BT (British Telecom) have a cheaper ISDN link available, and they are also experimenting with a new way of encoding signals down the telephone line that is supposed to enable transmissions of up to 10 times faster than normal phone lines. Also NorWeb, an electricity power company, have found a way of transferring TCP/IP packets over their 50Hz electricity power lines, and early tests show connection rates of about one to three meg a second. So hopefully, soon I'll be able to get a faster connection, and contribute more of the images of wonderfully big-breasted ladies!

JMM: What do you do in the Real World?

I've recently moved into the development department of the company that I've been at for the last few years, and I'm picking the rather useful, yet arcane art of Oracle PL/SQL.

As for socially, it boils down to the classic British trait of going out on a Friday and Saturday night with my mates and getting completely rat-arsed!

JMM: How many newsgroups do you 'subscribe' to, and which is your current favorite?

I collect most of my images from the following groups:

The Tiffany Towers and LDM groups aren't used that much at the moment. The SRL comes in fits and starts, but there's a few loyal posters there. TVX is dedicated to British babes/ models/ pornstars, and LDM images can sometime be found there. However the newsgroup that offers the most is always A.B.P.E.B; it's old and thus swimming in spam, but once you learn to cut your way through that and figure out the regular posters you can always pick up good material. These are also the groups that I post to, but most regularly at A.B.P.E.B and A.B.P.E.B.L .

I do occasionally stray from these groups, because some decent images can found on other groups, such as Playboy or Penthouse.

Wow, WipEout has more than 38,000 pictures, and believes his collection is just in its infancy. I have over 700 pictures of Busty Dusty. I thought that was a good-sized amount of pictures. It is, until you consider that it's just about 1/5 of one percent of the size of his collection. WipEout, you are the master. Readers, I have to get going over to the Newsgroups. I want to catch up. I'll bet you do too. Okay. Maybe not tonight. Mai Pehn Rai!

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