St Stephan was strangled unconscious in the middle of his interview of Wendy Whoppers. Nahpets rebooted and continued the interview in a rather different vein, as follows.]

NAHPETS: Hey, babe!

WENDY WHOPPERS: Don't call me babe! Who the hell are you?

Nts: Well, you got my address right. Name's Nahpets. I've got a real question for you. Aren't you a prostitute?

WW: What the f...?

Nts: Hey, no four-letter words. I mean, I don't mind, but BEhavior has some prissy editors. And I'm only following up your own statement in your post to the BEA Forum on 7 November 1999 (direct quote):

"As far as being a bimbo - yes, that is what I would say any pornstar is...hello...I fucked on film for a living, I'm not trying to pretend to be a virgin here..."
Now, what would an impartial person conclude from that? I'll rephrase the question: how does your career differ from that of a prostitute?

WW: Here comes a long answer.... grab a cup of coffee; you might be here a while!

Nts: I don't drink coffee, bad for my nerves. But I've got a goblet of something lukewarm to drink. Fire away.

WW: First off, a prostitute gets paid by men to have sex with them. A pornstar does not get paid by the guy she is having sex with. A pornstar gets paid by a director, who does not have sex with her. She is paid to be filmed while having sex, not for the actual sex act itself. Big difference. The guys she is performing with are also actors, not some dude who can't get laid unless he pays for it. The actors have all been tested for HIV and work professionally. They do not degrade you and treat you badly. A pornstar can do the video with whomever she chooses, not who chooses her. I selected the guys I wanted to work with; they did not select me. I was friends with almost every actor I worked with, or I brought in friends of mine I wanted to work with.

A prostitute has to screw any dude with $20, no matter how disgusting he may be. Prostitutes are often beaten and killed by their customers. None of their clients are required to be tested for HIV. They are not her friends; they have no respect for her whatsoever. They view her as a piece of meat, something they "paid" for and can do with as they please.

Nts: Don't many directors feel that they have paid for your services and can make you do as they please?

WW: Not at all. Before you decide to work on a film, you are told exactly what it will be. A director of an anal film would never hire a girl that they know does not do anal, as it would only ruin the shoot, making delays and costing money; she will only walk off the set and call her agent, bitching because she wasn't told they wanted anal. There are too many girls for hire who will do anal or gangbangs. You don't call a plumber to fix your phone do ya? These guys who make films are businessmen; they are not out to try and make anyone do anything they don't want.

Pornstars are completely safe on the set, and know whom they are working with. I have never seen anyone beaten or killed on the set. And they are treated with respect by each other. They have a contract lined out, stating exactly what will happen, whom they are working with, what they will be paid, and how many scenes they are doing. It is organized and professional.

Nts: Well, prostitution can be organized and professional too, but you've certainly pointed out some important differences. Any more?

WW: Prostitution is illegal. Porn films are legal. Pornstars pay taxes on their income. Hookers do not. Pornstars are not giving VD to family guys out cheating on their wives so they can take HIV home and spread it to their families (this is the guys' sorry-ass fault, not the hookers'). And hookers don't take checks! LOL

Nowadays most (not all) of the girls in this business (big boob biz) are hookers on the side, anyway (no, that does not apply to me: never have, never will, not my cup of tea). They will all say "Oh, f*ck Wendy!" for saying that, but it is true. A huge portion of the big boob girls are hookers now, and they know I do not agree with that. The big boob business is dying, and they feel that is their only way to make a living. Not that I have a problem with hookers; I could care less if someone wants to be a hooker as long as they are over 18. But when they sit back and deny it, it pisses me off because I know exactly what goes on.

Nts: OK, even I can see you're not a prostitute (though, like you, I have nothing against the profession). But you just said something that troubles me: the big-boob business is dying? What makes you say that?

WW: The girls don't get paid nearly as much for club bookings any more, and there are fewer clubs that want to book big boob features. There isn't a big demand for them in porn films, either, since the newness has worn off, and so the pay is way less there, too. There is just not much work for them anymore; they are all fighting over a few crappy bookings, stabbing each other in the backs to make a buck.

Nts: But note the recent rise of stars with really huge "twine tits": Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds, Melonie Charm, Minka, Sable Holiday. They at least seem to be counting on a continuing market.

WW: Well, people also know smoking can kill you, but new people start smoking everyday.... doesn't mean it's a good thing. The only reason I can see that any of these girls got in this biz is: (a) because they enjoy the attention -- some chicks love being the center of attention (and who wouldn't love having fans?); (b) I'm sure that they are making more money than they did with small boobs. So a salary increase is worthwhile to some of these "new" girls. However, it is nowhere close to the money that used to be made in this biz. Believe me, if you were making $500 a week and went up to $1000 a week even, that might motivate you, make it worthwhile for you.

In Melonie's case I think she really enjoys having the big boobs. I have chatted with her several times by email both before and after and I got the impression she really enjoys them.

Minka is by no means new to this biz; my mom always said "If you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth shut". So I will.

Nts: I didn't mean all those models were new, I meant their twine tits were. I know Minka's been around a long time, and a lot of us followed your spat with her like a boxing match. Do you think...but that could be the subject of a whole nother interview. Let's turn rather to a question about someone you like: in the first part of this interview you cited the videos you made with Lisa Lipps. Are you bisexual -- in real life as well?

WW: I have always dated men and all of my relationships have been with men. I have never had a sexual relationship with a woman other than just one-time sex. I'm not sure if you classify that as bisexual or not?

Nts: Did you enjoy it sexually?

WW: Very much so.

Nts: Then I, at least, would definitely say bisexual. OK, a couple of questions that struck me on re-reading your Forum post: you said that the reason for getting a reduction was not because of any problems with your implants, but because you decided to retire and bring up your baby (daughter? son?).

WW: It was time to move on and have a family, and not live out of a suitcase on the road anymore. I had a son right after I retired, and now I also have a new baby daughter.

Nts: But why the reduction then? Surely it's all right for a mother to have big breasts! Did the implants perhaps interfere with breast-feeding?

WW: You can breast feed with implants if you want to, but not after a reduction. A mother can have big breasts, but no person wants to walk around with huge boobs that were all part of a "costume" for a job that I had quit. They were a pain in the ass, never being able to put on a bathing suit and go to the beach or pool without people pointing and laughing and staring. That includes the grocery store, the mall, or anywhere. I would never subject my kids to that kind of embarrassment. I couldn't walk anywhere without screams of "Jesus!" and "Oh my God! Look at her! Did you see that?". My neighbors made my life hell in Indiana after finding out who I was. (The big boobs kind of give you away.) They constantly sued and harassed me until I was forced to sell my home. I don't ever want to go through that again.

Big boobs also screw up your sex, because the guy has to be so far away from you. It is impossible to lie on someone with implants that big. You can't buy the clothes you want, because they don't fit, or look stupid, or show too much. We are talking about living in the real world, a world that is cruel to anyone who is different.

Nts: Oh, come on, Wendy! You made your living from being different, from reactions like "Oh my God! Look at her!" -- as long as they went on "I've gotta buy that mag/video, I've gotta see her on stage!" You can't expect them to stop reacting like that just because you've retired (of course that doesn't mean they have to sue and harass you).

I'm not trying to argue with your decision to have a reduction -- it's your body and your life -- but you can't call people cruel for staring at a body that was deliberately built to be stared at.

WW: Exactly: I can't walk around with a "Don't harass me, I'm retired" sign on my head. The only way to end it was to remove the implants. But you are forgetting the only reason I ever got them was for business, not for personal enjoyment. It was a piece of business equipment, but guys that love big boobs can't understand that. You have this vision of us sitting around playing with our boobs all day and wanting people to worship them. Because you love big tits and are sexually turned on by them, you can not understand that to some people, they are meaningless and unattractive.

To me, walking around with big tits anytime other than on stage was about as stupid as a professional football player walking around the mall or shopping at the grocery store in his football uniform. You keep looking at it from the point of view of "I would love to have a woman with tits that big. Why wouldn't everyone want to have tits that big? How could anyone not want them, or ever get rid of them?" You have on big-boob blinders! For every guy who liked my big boobs, I had another that said they would prefer me without.

Yes, I got a lot of rude and loud comments, and that was fine in the club or at a porn convention. But I didn't make a dime-- when I was "off the clock", out of the club-- from people (mainly women) acting like asses in public. I always wore big sweatshirts and coats to try and hide it when I was not at work, so I didn't have to hear anyone's crap. Even if you are not flaunting it, you will get grief over it. You are never "off the clock" when you're a big-boob star, and believe me, sometimes you just want to be left alone.

I know it is hard for you guys to understand because you have these fantasies about us. But sometimes, it is just time to hang up the g-string and have a normal life. I would much rather people say "Gee, I wish she wouldn't have retired" than "God, when is that old-ass chick going to retire?" I can give you lots of reasons for taking them out. I can't think of one good reason that I would have ever considered for leaving them in. Loving big boobs in pics and videos is one thing, but believe me, if you had to live with them every day, your fantasy would be over real quick.

I was willing to take people's crap in exchange for the money I was making. I made that decision as an adult. But I will not sell out my kids to be harassed or embarrassed for any price. They did not ask for it. And I could not possibly travel on the road any more with kids. What kind of life would that be for a baby, getting dragged around the country, living in hotel rooms, or being left at home for weeks with some babysitter?

Nts: I've been meaning to ask you about your kids, whom you obviously love: will you tell them about your career -- and how will you react if your daughter wants to follow in your footsteps?

WW: If that is what she wanted to do, I would support her decision. I would not tell them about my career now, but when they are teenagers who can understand it, then I would not have a problem discussing it.

Nts: Yeah, but would you...urgkh!...

[St Stephan, who has been slowly recovering, now sneaks up and bashes Nahpets between the horns with a massive lead crucifix kept handy for that express purpose.]

ST STEPHAN: A thousand pardons, milady, for your having been exposed to the noxious probings of this reprobate. I shall of course expurgate this entire dialogue forthwith.

WW: Don't. You have my permission to post this interview - as is - in BEhavior and I hope all of you enjoy it. I'm not ashamed of my answers at all. I would much prefer that people hear the real deal from someone in the biz rather than make up what they think is true.

StS: Well, no one can deny that you're a good sport, and eloquent to boot. Thank you and bless you.

WW: I didn't sneeze, but you're quite welcome. Ta-ta.

StS: Uh...yes indeed: ta-ta.

Wendy Whoppers
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