ST STEPHAN: Hello Maxi: sit down and take a load off -- perhaps over by the table?


StS: Just glancing at the brief biography from your Photoclubs site, I see that you were born on Long Island. Could you be more precise? I'm from a neighboring island myself and am pretty familiar with Long Guyland, as we used to call it.

MM: I was born in Valley Stream but moved to Florida when I was very young.

StS: Your measurements are given as 75MMM-24-36 (that "75" is controversial, but the MMM seems pretty realistic). Height 6' (= 183 cm.): are you really that tall? I've seen pictures of you with other stars, and you're certainly tall, but are you really 6'? For example, in one Boob Cruise pic you appear to be 4" taller than Minka, but I don't think she's 5' 8"; have you maybe got a picture of you which clearly establishes your height -- a pic with someone else of known height, like, say, Bill Clinton?

MM: Yes, I'm 6 feet tall -- OK, 5' 11¾", but I tell everybody I'm 6', it's much easier that way. When I wear heels I am about 6' 3" or 6' 4". I'll see if I can find a pic for you.

StS: Thanks. I couldn't find a picture of you with Bill, but here's a shot of him describing the meeting. Well, I can only concur with the Chief Executive that your knockers are awe-inspiring. Tell me, how many enlargements have you had? Were they strictly for business purposes? And would you mind revealing your natural size before the implants?

MM: Yeah, I got them for the business. I've had 4 enlargements all together. I started out as a 36C.

StS: I've heard the "twine tits" operation is very painful: true?

MM: The string implants were a bit more expensive than the saline type but definitely worth it. There is quite a bit of pain afterwards, but once they soften and fill with fluid it's OK. As a bonus they keep getting bigger during the months after surgery. Mine have grown a lot -- not that I'm complaining.

StS: While we're on the subject of operations: in some of your pictures it's clearly visible that you've -- how shall I put it delicately? -- you've had your private parts pierced. Why was that?

MM: Well, I love sex, especially oral sex so it seemed like the thing to do. It gives my lovers something to play with while they're down there.

StS: feeling would be that you have plenty to play with, including your normal facilities down there. But of course I'm out of the running. Come to think of it, who is in the running? Lovers? Are you hetero, bi, maybe even...married?

MM: Yes, I'm my career. I have 2 steady partners, male and female.

StS: Oh-ho! Could you give a brief description of them, especially the guy (since most BEhavior readers are male). I'd imagine him well over six feet tall and very muscular (strong enough to control you thrashing around). Near the mark?

MM: My female partner is my dancing partner Mini Mounds. My male partner is 6' tall, dark brown hair, and great personality. You can see him in action with me in my video #2. He lifts a lot of heavy stuff, like my tits haha. So yeah, I'd say he's pretty strong.

StS: And there's no problem of jealousy?

MM: My two partners are far from being jealous of each other. They really have nothing to be jealous of because I spend as much time with one as I do the other. They both know they have my heart so that's all that matters.

StS: Hoo boy! 'Fraid that's beyond most of us ordinary folk. ("Honey, I'm home!" - "Anything new at the office today, dear?" - "Oh, I started screwing that new secretary with the huge knockers." - "Hey!" - "...but you still have my heart, darling." - "Oh, that's all right, then." Uh-huh. Sure.) But perhaps you enjoy the classic ménage à trois? How about it: do you do it as a threesome?

MM: Sorry to disappoint you, but right now I keep those parts of my life separate. That way I can have their full attention all to myself. In the future, who knows?

StS: Could we return to your vital statistics? You're obviously in great shape, to put it mildly, so I'll risk an indelicate question: how much do you weigh? And, uh, how much do they weigh?

MM: I weigh 140 pounds. I keep in shape by eating right and exercising daily. I have a selection of videos that I work out to. The exercise I love to do the most is Yoga. I do have some low impact aerobic tapes I like to do. As for how much THEY weigh, it's anyone's guess. I think it's around 12+ lbs. apiece, but I can't exactly put 'em in the produce scale at the market, can I?

StS: Hey, why not? Great idea: a little tan make-up, and you could go to the cantaloupes, whip them out when nobody's looking, pop them on the scale, and no one would notice! (On second thought, after seeing some of your latest pics, maybe you'd have to paint them dark green and go to the watermelon department.) Seriously (well, a little more seriously): why don't you put them on the bathroom scale and give us an exact reading?

MM: Think I'll chicken out of the supermarket option. I'd say about 25 pounds total boob weight, maybe a bit more: say, 13-14 lbs. apiece.

StS: Hmm...that's roughly 20% of your total weight. Seems about right. As I said, you're in great shape. Exercising to videos, OK. But do you practice any outdoor sports, like swimming, hiking, jogging (groan!), basketball (moan!), volleyball (gasp!!)? (Btw I'm sure videos of these would sell VERY well).

MM: Well, if sex is considered an exercise, then really I should be skinny as hell. Hey wait a minute I am pretty thin. The video that we did for the boob cruise has me running in it a couple of times, playing football and jogging down the beach. I love to swim, because it's the only time the weight of my chest is lighter. They float so it makes it a little easier. To be honest, though, think about it: every step I take - carrying this 25 to 30 lbs. of weight I have on my chest - is an exercise.

StS: Sounds like that bosom is something of a burden: do you sometimes regret having it?

MM: I do not regret getting my breasts at all, I just wish they were like Lee Press-on nails, where you could just take them off for a couple of days. It would be nice to actually buy an outfit that fits.

StS: What about your professional performance: pretty standard? Do you have physical contact with the audience? Do you normally enjoy performing, or does it get to be a drag sometimes?

MM: I love dancing and entertaining, I love putting on shows. Getting all dressed up, creating a fantasy show that everyone can be a part of: I like audience participation.

StS: Judging from that sunny smile in all your pics, you seem to enjoy your photoshoots too. Come to think of it, does there exist a photo of you not smiling?

MM: Sure - sorry, I mean ... how about this?

StS: Are there scenes or actions you categorically refuse to do?

MM: I won't do anything involving animals, prostitution, private shows outside the club, and men or women with bad breath. I keep my business exactly what it is, business. I do lap dances with no problem so I guess if you are in their lap my ass would definitely be against their private areas. I dance for women as well as men. I have enough to deal with my two partners and I really don't need anything else; I have the best of both worlds wouldn't you agree?

StS: The temporal worlds, certainly. The spiritual is up to you. For example, you say your large breasts are sometimes a physical burden; what about psychological? I mean, how do you react to the inevitable stares, whistles and comments when you go out? Obviously you can't very well hide your rising beauties -- unless perhaps you import fashions from Afghanistan.

MM: No, there's no way to disguise them, so I don't even try. As for the stares and comments, well what can I say? Guys usually just stare, but women freak. People can be very rude at times. I understand that they don't see a chest like mine every day, but you wouldn't believe how downright nasty some people can be.

StS: Well, you know what we clerics say: "Illegitimi non carborundum" ("Don't let the bastards grind you down"). A whole lot of us are looking forward to seeing a lot more of you, so we're hoping you'll have the moxie to stay in there punching. (Hey, I just got an idea for the title of this interview...) Thank you, Maxi.

Maxi Mounds
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